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Q. What duties will an Au Pair expect to do?

A. An Au Pair will know that he/she will be required to help in the home with light housework and childcare. Acceptable duties include washing dishes, preparing simple meals for the children, keeping the kitchen clean and tidy, loading and unloading laundry into the washing machine, dusting, vacuuming, ironing, making and changing beds and keeping their own room clean and tidy.

Q. What duties are not acceptable for an Au Pair?

A. Au Pairs are not expected to do window cleaning, washing the car, gardening, spring cleaning, cleaning the oven, washing carpets etc.

Q. If my children are out at school all day can I ask the Au Pair to do more household duties?

A. The Au Pair should be made aware of what will be expected before he/she arrives. If there are no children at home during the day s/he may be very happy to carry out additional household duties.

Q. Can an Au Pair take care of children under 2 years?

A. We do not recommend Au Pairs have sole charge of children under the age of two. They are not usually qualified to undertake this level of care.

Q. Will my Au Pair babysit for us?

A. Au Pairs expect to babysit for two evenings per week. Extra pocket money should be paid for any additional evenings.

Q. Who pays the Au Pair’s travel costs?

A. The Au Pair is required to pay his/her own travelling costs to and from the UK, unless the family chooses to fund this.

Q. Who pays the fees for the Au Pairs English classes?

A. The Au Pair is required to pay for his/her language classes however sometimes families will offer to pay towards these however this is not compulsory.

Q. I have an Au Pair helping me with my childcare – can I claim tax credits or childcare vouchers?

A. This will depend on your individual family circumstances; you should contact the HM Revenue and Customs for detailed advice on your case. Follow the link below for general guidance from HMRC:

Q. If my Au Pair comes from Romania/ Bulgaria does she require a visa?

A. Applicants from these countries do NOT need a visa but they DO need an accession worker card from the UK Border Agency before taking up an Au Pair placement. They need to meet traditional Au Pair requirements regarding marital status (single) age (17-27) and working hours (25).

Q . If I require my Au Pair to drive who pays for the car insurance?

A. The Host Family is liable for the car insurance fee. The car must be roadworthy and covered by fully comprehensive insurance. The family should pay all the resulting costs of any accidents, including any excess payments. Petrol must be provided for use on duty but the Au Pair may be asked to contribute towards petrol for personal use whilst off duty.

Q. Will my Au Pair be covered under the NHS?

A. All EU Nationals are entitled to free health care under the National Health Service. A European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) entitles the Au Pair to reduced cost, sometimes free, medical treatment. The card is free but must be obtained by the Au Pair before travel. See Please remember to register your Au Pair with your family doctor.

Q. Do we have to pay tax or National Insurance for our Au Pair?

A. Au Pairs are not liable to pay tax and National Insurance contributions. These are only payable if earning £124.00 or more per week. For more information on tax and NI contributions see:

Q. What questions should I ask the Au Pair when I interview him/her?

A. Please see below for some sample suggested interview questions. Once you have decided which Au Pairs are most suitable you will have the opportunity to contact them in order to interview him/her yourself. This will enable you to learn more about the personality of the Au Pair and also to assess their language skills. It is advisable to prepare some questions in advance. You may find the following list helpful as you prepare for your interview, however this is just a guide – you need only select those questions which are relevant to your family:

  • Why have you chosen to apply for an Au Pair position?
  • Have you ever lived away from your family/home country before?
  • Do you smoke? Discuss your family restrictions on this point.
  • Whilst we will welcome you as a friend to our family, do you understand that your duties will include helping with the housework?
  • Please tell us something about your personality. Are you generally a happy person?
  • Are you willing to join in on our family outings or holidays?
  • Are you flexible? If we sometimes return home late from work, will this be a problem?
  • How would you discipline a child?
  • Are you in good health?
  • Are there any health related issues you should mention?
  • Can you help the children with their homework?
  • Will you read stories to the children and play with them?
  • What are your future plans?
  • Do you drive? Are you be happy to drive in England?
  • Do you have any dietary restrictions? Are you a vegetarian?
  • If so, are you willing to cook meat for the children?
  • Are you able to cook simple meals for the children?