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Fees and Terms & Conditions Of Business For Families Wanting Au Pairs – 1st January 2019

Au Pair Fees:
  • Summer placement: – £150.00
  • Au Pair – 6 months plus – £400.00
  • Au Pair Plus – 6 months plus £475.00

All above fees are subject to a minimum charge of £140.00.

All fees are due in full in advance of placement.

Payment can be made by PayPal or bank transfer. For those wishing to make payment by bank transfer please contact us for further details:

Terms & Conditions Of Business.

Agency, We, Us, Our, Ourselves: Abacus Au Pair Agency

Client, You, Your, Yourself: Hosting/Person

Candidate: Au Pair, Au Pair Plus

Partner: Organisation/People who support the Agency in its work.

Abacus Au Pair Agency acts for the purpose of effecting introductions between Clients and Candidates and the Fees to the Agency are for introduction only. The Agency does not employ Candidates, directly or indirectly and cannot guarantee length of stay.

The Client understands that the Au Pair is fundamentally inexperienced, untrained and has only informal experience with children.

We regret that we are not permitted to place Au Pairs into families with food allergies such as nut allergies, for bi-lateral Health and Safety reasons (protecting host family children and the au pair). If a member of your household has a serious allergy or intolerance to something, then an au pair will not be appropriate. This bilaterally protects your children and au pair, as they are very young and inexperienced and may have no experience of food allergies/intolerances and therefore do not have the necessary understanding for the seriousness of this condition. This coupled with the unfamiliarity of British foods could lead to serious mistakes unintentionally being made. Furthermore most au pairs do not have experience with anaphylaxis or epi-pens and do not wish to take on this level of responsibility. An au pair cannot be relied upon to administer medicines or injections.

The Agency cannot be held accountable in any way should any candidate mistakenly bring a ‘banned’ food into the home/ kitchen/ meal. Any candidate which you select must be fully informed by you, prior to accepting the position, about any condition and any necessary precautions and this must be made clear and re-iterated on a regular basis if and after the candidate is engaged by You. This also applies to other serious conditions, such as type 1 diabetes.

Should the Client be found to have engaged a Candidate who had been introduced to them by Abacus Au Pair Agency the Client agrees to be liable to pay the fee in full and within 7 days. They will have no recourse to any previously offered discounts or Free Placements.

The Client must pay the applicable Agency Fees upon the Candidate’s acceptance of the family’s offer.

If the Client decides not to accept the Candidate after an invoice has been raised, no refund will be made.

Should the Client find the Candidate to be unacceptable (for a reasonable reason) the Client must inform the Agency in writing/email within 14 days of the Candidate’s arrival. The Agency shall offer the Client a replacement Au Pair (one free replacement per placement).

If the Candidate fails to arrive or leaves within the first 14 days, the Agency will find a replacement in accordance with our terms.

Should the Client decide to terminate the search, no refund shall be due to the Client and any subsequent placement will incur new fees. Failure by the Client to respond to the Agency’s emails and calls regarding any potential free replacement candidate within 48 hours, or to general matters within 5 working days will nullify the free replacement.

No Replacement will be provided and no refund offered if any the following has taken place:

If the Candidate complains of abuse (verbal or other), mistreatment or misconduct by the Client, Client’s family, or acquaintances.

If the agency learns information subsequent to placing the Candidate which deems the Client no longer suitable to engage/employ a Candidate or the chosen category of candidate.

If the Client withholds money (eg. weekly money) due to the Candidate.

If the Client has not disclosed information to the Agency and Candidate which materially changes the search or Candidate’s decision to accept.

If the Client has mis-represented the accommodation, position, hours, duties, family circumstances etc.

If the Candidate has been asked to leave for an unreasonable reason.

If the Candidate has been asked to do significant extra duties or hours not stated in writing at the time of engagement or not paid adequately extra for.

If an Au Pair has been put in sole charge of children for 12 hours or overnight.

If the Candidate has not been offered driving lessons and sufficient time to practice, if they are required to drive.

If the Candidate discovers that there are surveillance cameras in the home which he/she has previously not been made aware of in writing.

If the search for a replacement is not taken up immediately, involving the Client’s active / immediate interviewing of proposed Candidate/s.

If the reason for terminating the placement is due to the candidate’s level of English (one of au pair’s primary reasons for choosing the au pair programme is to improve/ learn English)

In the extremely unlikely event that the Agency cannot put forward a replacement Candidate, whom we consider to be suitable, within 3 weeks of beginning the search for the replacement, a refund of the fee for introduction may be offered, minus our minimum charge.

If there are surveillance cameras in the home, the Candidate and Agency must be informed in writing, either on the Client’s registration forms or on the Offer documentation given to the Candidate. It must be worded clearly. The Client is NOT permitted to use surveillance cameras in the Candidate’s private bedroom or any bathrooms and w.c.

The Client will ensure that any Candidate is given sufficient support and training during the first 4-6 weeks, with continuing support and feels welcome.

The Client will provide a minimum of 2 week’s paid holiday (and all/equivalent of 8 UK bank holidays) for every 12 months (pro rata) for Au Pairs.

If the Family requires any Candidate to drive then the Client must offer the Candidate several driving lessons (Driving School or from family if sufficiently experienced) for candidates who have previously only driven a car overseas and sufficient time to practise in order for them to become confident and secure driving in the UK.


The Client must ensure that the vehicle to be used by any Candidate is safe and roadworthy

The Client must add the Candidate as a named driver on their car insurance policy and must be comprehensively insured.

The Candidate should not be liable to pay any excess charges.

The Client must ensure that the correct child seat is used in the vehicle and the candidate has been given full training on how to use it.

The Client must ensure that they will be able to insure the Candidate before offering the position to the Candidate (through current or new insurer if necessary – shop around for the best quotes!).

The Agency cannot be held responsible for any act, parking ticket, speeding ticket, accident or other involving the Candidate.

The benefits listed below can be offered to all Candidates to help ensure a long and successful placement.

All Candidates are entitled to a minimum of 2 weeks notice of termination of Placement/Employment, after the 1st month. However, in the event of serious misconduct by the Candidate or the Client Family, either party shall be entitled to terminate the Placement/Employment immediately. If the Candidate’s departure is as a result of misconduct on the part of the Client then the Agency has no obligation to replace the Candidate or offer any refund of fees.

During the first 4 weeks of the placement, the Notice period for termination of Placement/Employment will be 1 week.

The Client must recognise that despite having some previous experience of children, an Au Pair is not a qualified child carer. An Au Pair must not be left in regular sole charge of pre-school aged children and never in sole charge of a baby under the age of 2 years.

The Agency does not accept responsibility and the Client hereby fully indemnifies Abacus for any loss, damage, expense, injury or inconvenience to the Client Family or its property resulting from the Agency’s introduction or provision of services or from any acts, omissions or conduct of Candidates introduced by the Agency, its employees, contractors or Partners to the Client. The Agency advises Clients and Candidates to purchase appropriate insurance. Clients are required to satisfy themselves as to the suitability of the Candidate. The Client accepts that their chosen Candidate is selected solely by them and that the responsibility for the success or failure of the placement rests solely between the Client and the Candidate. The Client agrees that Abacus Au Pair Agencys’ responsibility ceases immediately following the Candidate’s arrival.

Although every effort is made to ensure that any information given to a Client is correct, the Agency cannot be held responsible for any incorrect information. The Client and Candidate further agree to fully indemnify Abacus Au Pair Agency for any inaccuracies or oversights relating to any information or guidance provided and in relation to legal matters, health and safety and insurance. The Client and Candidate will warrant that the information provided to the Agency at the time of Registration is correct. The Client agrees to notify the Agency of any change in circumstances or change in the Client’s requirements. Should these changes affect the Candidate, then the Client must also notify them directly.

By registering with Us to engage a Candidate within a childcare capacity you agree that you have the parental responsibility / legal guardianship and custody of the children.

The Agency reserves the right update these terms and conditions from time to time.