Terms and Conditions

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Terms and Conditions of business

The engagement of an applicant is deemed to be an acceptance of our terms and conditions of business and therefore the relevant fee is payable. The Agency Fees are for the introduction of the Au Pair or Mother’s Help only and do not include any salary due to be paid to an employee. The fee is payable per applicant.

If the Au Pair or Mother’s Help leaves or is asked to leave within the first four weeks, a replacement will be made at no extra cost (up to a maximum of two Au Pairs/Mothers Helps) provided the family have complied with the terms and conditions of business. We recommend that at least one weeks’ notice be given. During that period board and lodging must continue to be provided and pocket money paid. In case of any serious misconduct by the Au Pair or Mother’s Help , the host family may terminate the engagement with immediate effect but should provide alternative accommodation for 48 hours from the date of termination. No further replacement or refund will be offered if the replacement Au Pair or Mother’s Help’s engagement is terminated for whatever reason. The Au Pair or Mother’s Help shall be entitled to terminate his/her engagement with immediate effect in the event of serious misconduct by the family with the family forfeiting their rights to a replacement/refund. In the event of a suitable Au Pair or Mother’s Help not being available a refund would be made as follows:

If employment ends within 2 weeks – one half of the fee is payable
If employment ends within 4 weeks – one third of the fee is payable
If employment lasts over 4 weeks – no refund is payable

The above refunds are subject to a minimum charge of £100.00 and only apply if our invoice has been paid according to our terms and conditions of business.

In the event of an Au Pair or Mother’s Help failing to arrive, the Agency will refund the full fee.

One half of the fee remains payable should a family not wish to accept an applicant once acceptance has been effected:

By mutual acceptance upon interview.
In the case of applicants coming from overseas, upon receipt of the family’s letter of invitation for the position offered.
By verbal acceptance via the telephone/email/fax.

Refunds shall not be given:

Should the family now allow the Agency a reasonable period of time to find a replacement Au Pair or Mother’s Help.
The family makes alternative arrangements.
If the Au Pair or Mother’s Help’s departure is a result of misconduct on the part of the family, i.e. too many hours, no free days. Should this be the case the Agency has no obligation to replace the Au Pair or Mother’s Help or offer a refund.
The conditions stated on your application form have not been adhered to.
The Agency is not informed in writing within 14 days. Unless we hear from you with the specified time, no refund will be payable.

The Agency acts as a means of introduction only and whilst every care is taken to introduce suitable candidates responsibility must of course be your own. The Agency shall not be liable under any circumstances for any loss damage, expense, delay or injury to property or persons from any act of omission however so arising, even if such act or omission is fraudulent or negligent and from any inconvenience suffered or incurred by clients in employing the applicant. All information on Au Pair or Mother’s Helps is provided in good faith and the Agency shall not be liable for any inaccurate information supplied by the Au Pair or Mother’s Help or his/her overseas agency.

With regards to Mothers Help placements families should ensure that any tax and national insurance contributions, if applicable are deducted from the salary of the employee. The sums should be forwarded to the Inland Revenue or other appropriate authority with any sums payable by the Employer.

Families are reminded that should a client directly or indirectly introduce an applicant to another family, the original client will be liable for the full fee should an engagement result.